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Mindsystems specialises in Bluebeam Revu®, Autodesk AutoCAD®, MindManager® and bundled software packages for AEC and business. We offer a range of value added training and development services around these core solutions, in addition to premium support from qualified in-house Software Engineers.

Bluebeam Revu PDF Software

Bluebeam Software Specialists
Bluebeam Revu® is widely regarded as the PDF software of choice for AEC and Business users. Bluebeam's powerful desktop software has all of the tools to make paperless workflows a reality. It is ideal for everyday use, advanced use, designing, document processing, mark-ups and 1 click PDF conversion. Use Bluebeam's plugin for Microsoft Office® to create high-quality PDFs from Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and PowerPoint® with the click of a button, or create PDFs from other Windows files using the Bluebeam PDF printer. Add customisable mark-ups such as text, highlights, shapes, symbols and measurements to PDFs electronically, and save custom mark-ups in the patented Tool Chest© for easy reuse.
Easily edit and assemble PDFs by adding, deleting and combining PDF pages. Perform cost calculations, automatically compare drawing revisions, track mark-ups in a list, integrate with SharePoint© or ProjectWise©, go mobile on a tablet PC or iPad and collaborate with project partners around the world in real time using Revu's cloud solution, Bluebeam Studio®.

Bluebeam Cloud and Mobility

Bluebeam Studio Cloud Services
Bluebeam offers a range of cloud based services to help your team work on projects in real-time, across geographically diverse locations. Supported by an enterprise grade global network, Bluebeam Studio® and Bluebeam Prime® integrate into the desktop applications seamlessly, to enable real-time sharing and collaboration. Every new license of Bluebeam desktop software comes with free access to the entry level cloud solution, Bluebeam Studio®. For teams wanting to expand their capabilities with more advanced features, Bluebeam Prime® is available by recurring subscription.
Bluebeam Revu® enables you to continue working away from the office using the Bluebeam iPad App, or by loading the desktop software onto Microsoft devices such as Surface Pro. The latest release of Bluebeam Revu® iPad has taken this useful app and made it more robust and functional. Revu for iPad really is like taking an entire plan room with you on site. You have access to all the docs you need and the ability to mark-up, measure and collaborate using Bluebeam Studio®.

Autodesk AutoCAD Software

Autodesk® AutoCAD® Software
AutoCAD® from Autodesk® is the undisputed leader in 2D and 3D design, modelling and presentation. AutoCAD® allows you to innovate, create and express your design concepts in a way not possible with any other software. Recognised as an essential tool in the AEC industry, Mindsystems is proud to partner with Autodesk® in delivering the AutoCAD® Windows and Mac range of subscriptions to our clients. AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® LT work in conjunction with Bluebeam Revu® PDF solutions to deliver a comprehensive AEC focused product suite.
Mindsystems adds value by helping clients to extend and enhance their AutoCAD® investment, with an array of direct support and value added services options. We are able to bundle solutions, manage licensing schemes and develop unique custom solutions to match your needs. Regardless of your team's size, we provide a level of service normally reserved for enterprise clients. Competitive licensing, structures SLA backed support packages and advanced training options are all possible when subscribing to AutoCAD® via Mindsystems.

Development and Training Services

Mindsystems Software Development
Mindsystems offers extensive development capabilities to clients wishing to extend or customise their solutions. We also offer accredited training, both via web and onsite, to help maximise your software usage. Mindsystems can develop custom web solutions, perform integrations with third party systems and even consult with your business on ways to improve current workflows. With consulting and training experience spanning 15 years, to many leading Asia Pacific companies, you can rely on our ability to add value to your business.
From a technical perspective, Mindsystems offers in-house Australia based development services covering: Advanced PDF Design, Web Development, PHP Coding, C# Application Development, Android and iOS App Development, System Integrations and Database Customisation. Our Bluebeam Training is officially accredited, and we have a range of dynamic and customisable training programs available.

Diagrams and MindMapping Software

ConceptDraw Diagramming and Mindjet MindManager Software Distributor
Mindsystems can show you a smarter way to work. We have been consulting with SMEs and tailoring unique software bundles since 1998. We're experts in Paperless Office software such as Bluebeam Revu® PDF, AutoCAD®, Mindjet MindManager®, ConceptDraw Diagramming and more. Through partnership with software developers and our distribution network, we are able to access 100s of top software brands at volume cost.
Two of our most popular software apps are Mindjet MindManager® and ConceptDraw® Diagramming. Mindjet MindManager is a visual task and project management solution based around mind mapping. ConceptDraw® Diagramming is a cross platform flowchart and diagramming solution, with an impressive array of features. Learn more about these solutions below, or contact us with an issue you are trying to solve, and we will use our expertise to bundle the best combination of software for you.
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