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Mindjet MindManager is available for Windows, Mac and mobile. The software is purchased as a permanent license or via a yearly ongoing subscription. MindManager enables teams to work more efficiently by opening up each person's natural creativity, helping groups to share ideas, to reach common understanding and to foster better communication through easy exchange of ideas. The following MindManager versions are available.
MindManager Windows

MindManager for Windows

Windows 8.1, 10
Mindjet MindManager for Windows is the ultimate business mapping solution. It allows you to quickly and easily map out new ideas, plan projects and see complex information in a visual format. MindManager combines a wide variety of features, easy to use interface and an impressive array of enterprise level export/import functions.
MindManager Enterprise

MindManager Enterprise

Windows 8.1, 10
MindManager Enterprise enables the rollout of MindManager to the entire organisation. If you value the power and efficiency visual project management can bring to your business, MindManager Enterprise is the ideal way to deploy the software to every person in your team. MindManager Enterprise is designed for a predominately Windows based corporate network.
MindManager Mac

MindManager Mac

Mac 10.10+
MindManager Mac is the leading visual planning and mapping solution for macOS. It will help you think creatively, save time, become better organised and communicate complex ideas effectively to others. MindManage Mac combines the power of the MindManager platform with the sophistication of the Apple operating environment.

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