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AutoCAD Overview

AutoCAD® is the world’s leading CAD software application. Built for AEC and CAD professionals, AutoCAD® delivers the precision, power and freedom necessary to create amazing 3D designs. Collaborate across desktop, cloud and mobile with TrustedDWG™ technology. Available for Windows and Mac, your AutoCAD® subscription also includes the AutoCAD® mobile app. As an experienced software provider, Mindsystems can help you get the most out of AutoCAD® by bundling it with a range of value added solutions, complimentary software and enterprise support services.

AutoCAD Key Features

  • 2D drafting, drawing and annotation
  • 3D modelling and visualisation
  • Windows, Mac, Mobile
  • High resolution monitor support
  • PDF import
  • PDF and DGN import/export/underlay
  • Reference Navisworks© models
  • DWG and image references
  • Sheet sets and share design views
  • Tools for managing CAD standards
  • Responsive Support
  • Subscription Renewal Options
  • Mindsystems Account Management
  • Extend via Autodesk App Store
  • Worldwide User Community

Industry Leading CAD Software

AutoCAD® sets the standard for CAD software in the AEC industry. Recognised globally as the leader in CAD design and industrial graphic design, AutoCAD® is accepted as an essential tool for any serious AEC business. AutoCAD® provides a robust and reliable platform for architectural planning, drafting, design modelling, build planning, industrial blueprints, 3D design and industrial graphic design. Create engineering plans, floor plans, 3D designs, blueprints, comprehensive industrial designs, complex graphic outputs and so much more using AutoCAD®.

Mindsystems One Premium Support

One® is our new premium support service, which comes bundled automatically with all new AutoCAD subscriptions. This new integrated support service covers you with business grade support, including defined SLAs, providing a responsive one-stop-shop for all your support needs.
Mindsystems One Premium Support
As a Mindsystems One® member you enjoy numerous benefits including direct support from our software engineers, prioritised ticket support, access to Mindsystems One® special offers and loyalty discounts, advanced license management and more.

Enterprise Account Management

Are you considering a large scale deployment? Mindsystems has the technical capability and proven track record to make sure your AutoCAD rollout is a success. When you begin using a major application like AutoCAD, you are welcoming that software into your business model. You will begin to form working patterns around it, and overtime start to rely on it. It is therefore critical you can access enterprise grade support. Depth of experience, quality and speed of support, value added services and long term stability are all very important factors when selecting a partner. As a Mindsystems partner, you tap into all of these advantages automatically.
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